Tuesday, March 31, 2009

English Bulldogs - The Basics

Present day English Bulldogs are very different from their ancestors. They have descended from the ancient Asiatic Mastiff but their evolution took place entirely in Great Britain. The name "Bulldog" has medieval origin and it not only refers to the look of a little bull, which English Bulldogs have, but also because of the power that these dogs had when they would attack bulls in arena combat.

Bulldogs are small but wide, compact, and masculine looking. They have thick massive heads. Bulldogs are noted for their wrinkly round faces. Their snouts are short and pug and their noses are broad with large nostrils. Their eyes are big, round, and far apart. Their ears are small, thin, and floppy. Their tails are short and hang low. They come in many different colors such as red, fawn, brindle, pale yellow, washed-out red, white, or a variety of any of these. Bulldogs have stocky legs at the corners of their box-like bodies. They also walk in a bit of a waddle. They are usually about 12-16 inches long. Males weigh about 53-55 pounds and females 49-51 pounds.

Even though English Bulldogs may look intimidating, they are one of the gentlest breeds of dogs. At the same time, they are great protectors and will ward off intruders, as they were brave enough to attack bulls back in the day. They're affectionate, loyal, and great with children. However, they are noted for their guarding abilities. English Bulldogs are stubborn and persistent. Bulldogs love human attention and they are very social but since Bulldogs are dominant animals, they need a strong leader. They love their families and form strong bonds with their humans. They are good with family pets but may act differently around "strange" dogs. As youngins, Bulldogs have tons of energy but they wind down as they get older. They are very loud snorers and they can drool a lot!

The most common health problem for English Bulldogs has to do with breathing. Sometimes they have small windpipes. They don't have the best eyesight and they're prone to heat stroke. They should never be left alone in a hot room or car. English Bulldog puppies are often delivered via C-section because of their large heads. They have active digestive systems which can be a problem for people that are sensitive to smells. They're sometimes prone to skin infections and hip and knee problems.

English Bulldogs are generally an indoor breed. They do best in mild climates because they're not especially good in the heat or the cold. Some Bulldogs are full of energy and others don't exercise at all. They do need their daily walks and if they're fit, they will move fairly fast. English Bulldogs are average shedders with fine, smooth, short hair. They should be bathed only when necessary but their faces should be wiped with a damp cloth every day in order to clean inside their wrinkles. They generally are not great swimmers but enjoy being around the water like most dogs.

If you have ever spent a lot of time with an English Bulldog you know what a wonderful breed of dog this is. While not perfect for everyone they make great family pets and protectors.

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